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We’re always in a place. It should be the best space for us to live our life, but often it isn’t.

Place Advantage:  Applied Psychology for Interior Architecture explains how to create spaces and objects that enhance our world.  It shows readers how to enrich human experience using scientifically derived concepts for person-centered design.  Place Advantage:  Applied Psychology for Interior Architecture offers concrete design solutions that can be immediately applied to craft places in which people thrive and objects that satisfy important psychological needs.

In Place Advantage: Applied Psychology for Interior Architecture, applied environmental psychologist Sally Augustin offers insights into how elements of the physical environment influence human attitudes and behaviors. She introduces the general principles of place science and shows how factors such as colors, scents, textures, and the spatial composition of a room, as well as personality and culture, impact the experience of a place. These principles are applied to multiple building types, including residences, workplaces, healthcare facilities, schools, and retail spaces.

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Information about how people are influenced by the places around them has been locked in scientific journals, unavailable to nonscientists.  Place Advantage liberates it and delivers it to people who can use it in an easy-to-read, liberally illustrated text.  After reading Place Advantage, you will understand why people respond to particular spaces in certain ways and how to create places that serve real human needs.

Design with Science
Teams with designers to apply rigorously derived scientific findings and create places in which people flourish and objects humans cherish.

Research Design Connections
Informs design practitioners - in everyday language - about recent scientific research relevant to their work.

Place Coach
Works with members of the general public, applying research-based design concepts, to create places in which people thrive.